You know what the problem is about South Euclid, OH hard money lenders? They’re not main stream. Like, not very many people know about these lenders, which is sort of too bad, because they really do a lot of good Cuyahoga County city. The city itself, by the way, has a population of about 35,000, and is considered to be a quaint commuter town.

South Euclid, OH hard money lenders seem not to care very much about marketing or getting the word out there about the products and services that they’re able to provide to the borrowing folks of South Euclid. Most of this stems from the fact that many of these hard money lenders in South Euclid are private individuals.

See, the reason why most of these folks that lend out South Euclid hard money are private individuals, is because they’re not the sort of low margin debt product that bigger banks are interested in selling. And borrowers, it’s turning out in Ohio, are getting fed up with the way big banks have been treating them, and so are actually flocking to these lenders in droves. But here’s the thing. In order to do business with one of these lenders, you’re going to have to have some real estate that you can put up as collateral. Here’s the reason why. Hard lenders are actually getting into a very, very risky proposition by loaning to borrowers. They’re not banks, in fact, the private individuals that do this are really just single people with cash that they have to spare that operate every so often as one of these residential hard money lenders.