Tuckahoe, VA hard money lenders have been in business in this area since the city’s founding years ago. The population of Tuckahoe is 45,000, and Tuckahoe’s population density is 2,200 people per square mile (given an area of 22 square miles). The city is a part of the county of Henrico and is a suburb to Richmond.

Tuckahoe, VA hard money lenders are able to do a very good thing for this state. See, there’s a growing number of borrowers in this state that cannot get approved for loans. The median credit score has dropped quite significantly in the past years. And so, here these lenders are, and they’re able to finance these borrowers through what are called Tuckahoe hard money. And hard money works just like a secured credit card. You put up collateral, and depending on the value (values) inherent to that collateral, the lender will issue a loan to you. No credit checks really required.

Doesn’t matter if you have the worst credit score in the world. What hard money lenders in Tuckahoe will require, though, are hard assets to be put up as collateral. Hard assets are real estate or properties that you own. You put this up, and then several values will be ascertained about the collateral. One measurement will be what’s called the quick sale value of the property. In case the deal should go bad, the lender will have to dump the property on the market, and be able to sell it to a commercial loan broker in a matter of weeks.