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How to Find a Hard Money Lender

How to Find a Hard Money Lender
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There are several ways that you can locate a hard money lender that has a good reputation. One of the simplest ways to find a hard money lender is locally. You can find a lender local to your area is by searching online. Of course, there are many companies that will be listed in your search results. However, you will likely come across a larger list of hard money lender names as well. This is a good way to start the process of your search. By gathering a handful of lender names you can begin researching the individual lenders you may be interested in contacting. Once you start contacting different loan providers you can evaluate the information you have been given. It is important that you don’t just jump the gun and go without the first lender you find. Doing your research and thinking the process through is important for responsible real estate investing.

Find a Hard Money Lender Near You

If you are looking to find a hard money lender near you, it may take some hard work. One of the first things to do is to reach out to real estates agents in your local area. Many real estate agents near you can provide you with referrals to lenders they are familiar with. On top of this option, you can reach out to groups involved in real estate investment opportunities. Groups who take interest in this type of investment are likely to have lender names. People with personal or business relationships with lenders can definitely help you.

Some people try to stick to an online approach when finding a loan. If this is the case, you’ll want to find a hard money lender directory. Most directories will have lists of hard money lenders that are available in your area. Hard money lenders are typically private lenders that can help fund your flipping business. When you find one either in your state or city, they are usually financially ready to help you.

Local Club Meetings

Local investor club meetings are also a great way to find a good hard money lender. Most cities and states hold these meetings regularly. Locating one of these lender club meetings is how many investors connect with potential borrowers and network with the investors in the area. It’s always best practice to get your name and face out there. Networking with individuals who have the same goals and interests as you can only help you be more successful. On a rare occasion you won’t find any hard money lenders are the local meeting. However, if this happens you have a host of individuals in the meeting that are investors and can likely point you in the direction of a reputable lender. Real estate investors are very familiar with the practice and business of hard money lenders so it won’t be hard to get a few recommendations of lenders in your area. On the same note – professional individuals or brokers in real estate or conventional mortgage are often able to make a referral to a hard money lender who is highly experienced. Building a large network and leveraging that is an ideal way to get in contact with a recommended lender to support you.

National Lenders

Without doubt, there are always well-known national lenders that people turn to for loans. If you have little luck with local assistance or you are more interested in getting a loan from a larger lender, you’ll need to look into national online lenders. National Lenders offer commercial and residential investment loans. Although this could be the easiest option for some you need to research each individual lender before you actually contact them. Doing your research help you determine whether the lender can give you what you need or not. Each national lender specializes in something more or different than another. Some common national hard money lenders are Lima One Capital, Lending Home or Patch of Land. These types of hard money lenders are more aimed at providing loans for property renovation or flipping houses. If you are looking for commercial property investment loans, a national lender such as Finance of American Commercial may be a good option for you.

Be organized and professional

Once you have gathered your list of hard money lenders through recommendation or other avenues, start contacting them. if a private lender is going to provide you with lending assistance, they will have to believe that the deal you have is going to be profitable. If your proposal and deal is not up to par, a lender is not going to give you a hard money loan.

As stated, you’ll need to begin by finding a good deal. When you find a good deal, you can look for a hard money lender with confidence and hopefully get them to fund your proposal. However, without a deal that is actually good, the likeliness of you getting a hard money loan will be low. The nice thing about a hard money lender is that the process is flexible. Applying for a hard money loan is something that both an experienced as well as an inexperienced real estate investor can do. Another great benefit is that hard money lenders do not look at a person’s credit score. Many lenders will actually approve real estate loans to individuals who have low if not poor credit scores.

After Finding A Lender

After you find a hard money lender that you are going to request a loan from the process should be straight forward. It turns out the hard money loan process is known to be quick. One of the perks of hard money lenders is that the application to the underwriting and approval is done in a speedy fashion. Moreover, the disbursement of costs for renovation are simple and fast. Learning how to find a hard money lender can seem intimidating at first. However, if you stick to it and put yourself out there, you will achieve your desired outcome. Happy real estate investment opportunities!

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