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Hard Money Loans: Cracking the Hard Situations

Written by Harry

When you’re dealing with hard situations and need help fast, a hard money bridge loan is the type of loan you may need. Many people are unaware of what a hard money bridge loan (1) is or how a hard money lender works. In its most basic terms, a hard money loan is a short-term loan secured by real estate. When you are racing against the clock to obtain a loan, hard money loans for your hard situations you can be approved sometimes in as little as 48 hours.

Length of Your Hard Money Loan

The length of your loan typically runs about twelve months, but lenders can extend it for two-five years in special cases. Significantly, using hard money loans for hard situations help crack difficult financial times.  The hard money loans are considered temporary and beneficial answers because you don’t have to pay the principal off throughout the life of the loan. You’re only paying the interest or the interest with limited principal through the loan’s life. When the loan term is over, you have a balloon payment due which includes whatever you have left on the hard money bridge loan to pay.

What makes hard money loans work, and be approved quickly, has everything to do with your property’s value. Hard money lenders may check your credit score, but they’re primarily concerned with the real estate property you’re putting up. Many hard money lenders use what’s called the loan-to-value ratio (LTV) to determine how much they will lend you.

How Fast are Hard Money Loan Lenders Growing?

It’s the LTV ratio that helps hard money lenders evaluate your loan risk. The more money they are going to lend you, the higher the hard lender’s risk. When you have assessed a higher risk based on your LTV ratio you will have to:

  • Pay a higher interest rate on your loan
  • You may be assessed additional costs, like fees or the lender may  need you to get mortgage insurance

But you won’t have any problem find a hard money loan lender. Hard money loan lenders are up 40% since 2016. There’s a lot of activity in the hard money loan markets. A hard money commercial loan lender knows each hard money loan will have different percentage rates based on how much the loan is and what their real estate property value is.

Crowdfunding companies are jumping on board to become hard money loan lenders too. They are loaning out millions of dollars at very high-interest rates which makes them a fortune. But that’s not the way the real hard money lenders like to do business. Most ethical, hard money lenders are in the business to help those who need quick loan approvals while making a reasonable profit for their business. Those hard money lenders approve their loans with a sense of fair play.

What are Hard Money Loans Used For?

Business is better than ever for hard loan lenders, but they try to “work with those who need them most.” This is usually in the low to middle housing and commercial markets. That’s the market where people who are hit with unexpected bills or events, don’t have the cushions of large savings accounts. Private money or hard money lending is also always good for certain populations or targeted groups like those who flip and flop houses. Hard money loans can be great for short-term or long-term investors who need their financing fast.

Many buy and hold investors will use hard money lending to buy and renovate properties before they refinance the homes through conventional loans. Another common hard money loan need is when long-term investors need to season their property. There are as many reasons as there are dollars to lend through hard money loans. But cracking the hard situations is done on a one-on-one case basis.

It’s not uncommon for your loan to be approved through a hard loan lender before you walk out the door. A prequalification can be faster than that. You can be prequalified in as little as three minutes. More importantly, you can get your funding, cash in hand in as quick as 10-15 days. It is the quick turnaround time, and the ability to take care of whatever emergency you’re dealing with that makes hard money loans so popular.

When You’re Ready

When your ready for your private money lender experience reach out to us. Find a hard money lender who has the expertise you need, with the interest rates and costs you can afford. You want your hard money lender to have the real estate knowledge needed to value your property fairly. Get a hard money loan with terms that help you deal with your hard situations. You can now take your first financial breath in a long time.


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