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How Does A Hard Money Loan Work?

It is quite common for people new to the real estate investing market to not quite understand all the jargon and terminology that is out there. One particular term is that of “hard money”, which continues to be very poorly understood. That said, more investors are trying to increase their understanding of this type of […]

New Hard Money Lender Launches In Beverly Hills

Almost everybody around the world would be familiar with the city in California known as Beverly Hills. It is home to Hollywood stars, and the rich and famous. Unsurprisingly, lots of interesting projects start here each year, and they require some significant financial investments in order to be completed. However, startup companies, in particular, find […]

Flipping Haunted Homes – The Next Big Money-Maker

The paranormal, ghost hunting and spiritual activities are very popular and fashionable right now. Yet, in all of this country, there is just one recognized haunted house. It is in Nyack, NY, and is legally recognized as being haunted. “As a matter of law, the house is haunted.” This sentence in a ruling by the […]

Hard Money Lenders Can Help, But You Do Have To Be Wary

A lot of people are interested in using hard money lenders if they want to get a quick and easy loan for a property, particularly if it is for an investment. While these types of lenders offer fantastic opportunities, particularly for fix and flip investors, it is also important to be aware of the pros […]

Why Hard Money Lenders Are Not As Scary As They Appear

Many people think of hard money lenders as loan sharks, which are those types of people who will break your kneecap if you don’t pay on time. In reality, however, these lenders are legitimate individuals or organizations that help people get hold of home loans as quickly as possible. Very simply put, a hard money […]

California’s Barrett Financial Group Now Offers Hard Money Loans

In California, both the commercial and residential real estate markets are booming. As a result, people are looking for new methods to finance real estate purchases. It has recently been announced that Barrett Financial Group has developed a number of hard money loans for a range of different types of properties. Extremely trustworthy, reliable, fast […]

Getting a Hard Money Loan with a Bad Credit Standing

One of the questions people often ask about hard money lending is whether or not it is possible to get such a loan if the applicant has bad credit. Credit standing certainly does play a role in determining whether or not someone can be approved for such a loan, but it is certainly not the […]